LAS VEGAS - DevConnections - Quest Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: QSFT),

Visual Studio Industry Partner and maker of Toad® for Oracle, today announced the upcoming launch of Toad® Extension for Visual Studio. Toad Extension for Visual Studio is a database schema provider that will support complete application lifecycle management (ALM) for Oracle in Visual Studio 2010, unifying Oracle developers with the rest of the Visual Studio development team.

"We are pleased that Quest Software, a Visual Studio Industry Partner, is expanding the value of the Visual Studio 2010 platform by providing Oracle support in Visual Studio 2010," said Jason Zander, general manager of the Visual Studio Developer Division at Microsoft Corp. "Oracle developers can now orchestrate their work with the rest of the Visual Studio team and enjoy the benefits of having complete application lifecycle management for Oracle development in Visual Studio."

Today, support for Oracle development in Visual Studio does not match that of SQL Server, preventing Oracle database changes and development work from being tracked and managed within Visual Studio's ALM framework. Toad Extension for Visual Studio will bridge the gap, enabling developers to perform offline design, development and change management of Oracle in Visual Studio for the first time. All Visual Studio developers within an organization will now be unified under a single methodology, enjoy the benefits of a more cohesive development team and, as a result, deliver higher quality applications. With Quest's new tool, Visual Studio developers working in Oracle will be able to:

  • Import Oracle databases
  • Modify and refactor databases
  • Track changes in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
  • Compare schemas and merge changes
  • Generate test data
  • Automate daily builds

"This initiative underscores what makes Toad unique in the market - its ability to meet the increasing needs of developers today, while empowering organizations to evolve and plan for the future," said Billy Bosworth, vice president and general manager of Quest's Enterprise Database business unit. "There was a real need for Oracle support in Visual Studio, and Quest is excited to meet this need by bringing it the power of Toad."

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