New Products from Sargent Manufacturing, Nucsafe, Protective Products International, Leica

Exit device, radiation search tool, body-armor vests, mapping camera.

by / May 19, 2009

Locking Device Withstands Extreme Wind and Debris

The FM8700 series exit device was created to withstand extreme wind speeds and flying debris, while meeting life-safety code requirements for panic egress and fire resistance. The lock is surface-mounted to the door and doesn't require any door preparation.

Sargent Manufacturing created the two-point latching hardware in compliance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 361 guidelines, which mandate that emergency shelters incorporate door and hardware products that can resist the forces of a severe windstorm. During FEMA testing, the lock kept doors secure during high wind load pressures and five missile shots from two-by-four lumber at 100 mph.


Radiation Tracker Connects to PDA or Laptop

Law enforcement agencies tasked with counterterrorism might have an easier time detecting radiation with Nucsafe's Guardian Defender Portable Radiation Search Tool. The system is built into a backpack and incorporates passive scanning technology to detect radioactive material, including plutonium and highly enriched uranium. Results are provided immediately by the red light/green light system.

The tool can be remotely connected to a PDA, laptop or other backpacks to provide an expandable meshing network.


Concealed Body-Armor Vest Protects Comfortably

Protective Products International created concealable body-armor vests for different users. The Viper vest aids officers trained in the Weaver stance - a two-handed technique by which the officer's dominant hand holds the firearm and the supporting hand wraps around the dominant hand. The Scorpion vest provides officers on extended-duty assignments added ventilation and heat dissipation. The Trilhouette vest was designed for women and features a three-piece front panel to provide ballistic protection and reduced impact from bullets.


Plug-and-Play Mapping Converts Analog to Digital

The Leica RCD100 is an integrated medium-format mapping camera that provides a solution for agencies that want to convert from analog to digital airborne imaging. It offers plug-and-play mapping that utilizes workflow applications from flight planning and flight execution to orthophoto generation, feature collection and three-dimensional mapping.

Elaine Rundle Staff Writer