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Pocketec, Polycom Inc., D-Link, Interlink Electronics Inc.

by / August 8, 2002
Tracking Offenders
ISeccuretrac Corp. announced the 2100NC GPS tracking unit, a device that allows law enforcement authorities to track and monitor offenders by integrating GPS technology with a wearable monitoring device. The 2100NC gives probation and parole authorities the ability to enhance public safety, simplify the process of implementing and monitoring probation and parole violation parameters, reduce the opportunity for an offender to violate their conditions of release, and reduce the time and cost associated with probation and offender management.

The 2100NC also features realtime data collection and storage and remote zone programming.

For more information call ISeccuretrac Corp. at 402/537-0022 or visit the Web site.

VoIP Made Easy
Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. introduced Polycom Inc.'s SoundPoint IP 400 desktop IP telephones for its Strata CS line of IP-enabled Communication Server products.

With the Polycom SoundPoint IP 400 telephone and Intel/Dialogic computer telephony cards, the Toshiba Strata CS provides a turnkey Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications solution. Internet/intranet calls can be placed from or to the Strata CS via an IP telephone or analog or digital telephone through the gateway from or to a remote IP telephone, NetMeeting PC or another Strata CS system.

For more information visit the Toshiba's Web site.

Networking Without Wires
D-Link launched its D-Link AirPlus line of enhanced 2.4GHz wireless networking products, including an advanced Wireless Router/Firewall with parental control.
The D-Link AirPlus line is based on advanced 802.11b silicon chip technology from Texas Instruments and delivers data transfer rate capabilities up to 22Mbps.

The D-Link AirPlus Wireless Suite comes with a three-year warranty and free 24/7 technical support including software and firmware updates.

For more information contact D-Link at 800/326-1688 or visit the Web site.

Invisible Ink
Interlink Electronics Inc. announced ePad-ink, an advanced signature capture device. EPad-ink uses a liquid crystal display to capture and display signatures as they are written along with data from the document being signed. The ePad-ink input pad also captures handwriting biometrics including stylus pressure and timing data. Combined with the unique electronic identification number coded into each ePad-ink device, these biometrics help ensure the security of signatures.

For more information contact Interlink Electronics Inc. at 800/340-1331 or visit the Web site.