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Pentax Technologies, Wacom Technology, IGo, Estari

by / June 4, 2002
Scan on the Go
Pentax Technologies Corp. introduced the Pentax DSmobile USB portable color scanner. With a compact and light (less than 12 ounces) design, Pentax DSmobile USB scanner offers on-the-go scanning to mobile professionals and field workers.

The Pentax DSmobile provides everything you need to scan documents, instantly transmit printed page documents via e-mail, fax or the Web; copy printed material and turn it into PC documents without retyping; and scan and edit images or forms anywhere, anytime.

The Pentax DSmobile USB scanner retails for $99.

For more information call Pentax at 800/543-6144 or visit the Web site.

Interactive Tablet
Wacom Technology Corp. introduced the Cintiq 18sx, a pressure-sensitive interactive pen display for high-end graphics design and photo and video editing.

The Cintiq 18sx features an 18.1" diagonal LCD screen and a high SXGA screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. It combines a full 24-bit color LCD monitor display with Wacom graphics tablet technology that allows use of a cordless, batteryless pressure-sensitive pen.

The Wacom Cintiq 18sx retails for $3499.

For more information, contact Wacom at 800/922-6613 or visit the Web site.

More Power
IGo announced its line of Xtend notebook computer AC adapters. The new adapters supply up to 72 watts of continuous power and feature iGo's detachable Personality Cable system. This system controls the adapter's voltage and current and allows use with other portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and handheld computers.

The Xtend notebook computer AC adapters were designed and developed for a full range of today's models.

The adapters retail for $89.

For more information contact iGo Corp. at 775/746-6140 or visit the Web site.

E-Book Laptop
Estari Inc. announced their new 2-VU product line, which will include eBook, handheld, laptop and portable desktop models.

The laptop version will feature two, full-sized 15-inch diagonal screens. But unlike electronic tablets, the 2-VU allows users to view two full-page files or documents simultaneously. Users can page through two books at once, or take handwritten notes in a notebook on one screen while paging through a book on the other screen.

The laptop will be available in the fourth quarter of 2002.

For more information call 800/430-1518 or visit the Web site.