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Arista Corp., Solutionary Inc., Recommind Inc., Promicro Systems, Avail Solutions

by / February 14, 2003
Panel PC
Arista Corp. announced the AMB-1200 series Panel PC. It features high-brightness displays, processors, integrated multimedia functions, a five-wire analog resistive touchscreen display and extensive expansion options. The Panel PCs have Intel's Pentium III or Celeron processors and accommodate one 3.5-inch hard-disk drive and up to 512 MB SDRAM. Features include a side-mounted floppy-disk drive, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, a 100/10Base-T Ethernet connection for Internet applications, I/O ports for easy addition of peripheral devices, and two expansion slots for multiple applications. The Panel PC also includes the choice of a 12.1, 15, 17 or 18.1-inch LCD display. Pricing starts at $2,500 -- depending on display size.

For more information, call 510/226-1800 or visit the company's Web site.

Solutions Oriented
Solutionary Inc. introduced ActiveGuard 2.0, the newest version of its enterprise e-security platform, which manages and prioritizes security event information. The technology also delivers a more consolidated view of an organization's security vulnerabilities by illustrating actual threats to an environment and offers 24/7 protection of IT infrastructures. The newest updates to Solutionary's ActiveGuard technology are designed to improve the product's architecture and algorithm for security detection.

For more information, visit the company's Web site.

Information Management
Recommind Inc.'s MindServer product suite includes MindServer Retrieval and MindServer Categorization. MindServer Retrieval allows users to gain personalized access to relevant structured and unstructured information. MindServer Categorization takes structured and unstructured information and automatically maps content into an existing information structure -- taxonomy, ontology, subject heading classification structure -- or a custom structure.

For more information, visit the company's Web site.

Pro Storage
Promicro Systems and Avail Solutions introduced ProStore Backup Appliance -- Promicro combined its ProStore network-attached storage (NAS) server with Avail's Integrity back-up software and automated tape library. The product offers 360 GB of storage capacity, high-speed throughput with Intel processors, 10/100 Ethernet ports, three PCI slots and up to six IDE drive bays in a compact 2U form factor. It retains backed-up data for up to four days on the NAS unit, then migrates it to the tape unit, which retains it for up to two weeks. ProStore Backup Appliance retails for $7,999.

For more information, visit the company's Web site.