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Fujitsu Components America, Asynchrony Solutions, Research in Motion, STORServer

by / December 20, 2002
PDA Defense
Asynchrony Solutions announced PDA Defense Enterprise, the newest addition to its data security software line. The product uses a unified Windows-based policy editor to set and implement handheld security policy across the enterprise for Palm, Windows Pocket PC and BlackBerry devices. PDA Defense Enterprise offers a set of features designed to lock down handheld devices. Administrators can mandate password control, including minimum length, alpha and numeric characters, and forced time-based password changes. Prices start at $30 per user for a minimum order of 50 users.

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Storage Line
STORServer announced a new line of disk-to-disk backup appliances featuring modular disk technology from Nexsan Technologies. STORServer's "D-Series" line of products features three new disk-to-disk tape backup appliances -- the D10000, the D20000 and the D30000. The D10000 model is designed for customers with 340 GB to 690 GB of data. The D20000 model scales from 690 GB to a 1.8 Tb (terabytes), and the D30000 handles 1.4 TB to 5.6 TB of data. All three models come with a tape drive -- or optional tape library -- for creating off-site disaster recovery tapes.

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RIM's New Berries
Research In Motion Limited released the Java-based BlackBerry 6710 and BlackBerry 6720, both of which include e-mail, telephone, SMS, browser and organizer applications. The phone supports GSM voice services with optional features, such as call waiting, call answer, conference calling and call forwarding. With the BlackBerry browser, users can access their carrier's content services and gateways. The organizer includes calendar, address book, memo pad and task list applications for maximum productivity. Handheld/airtime pricing and roaming services are determined by network carriers and will vary based on specific service plans.

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Secure Switch
Fujitsu Components America released a KVM switch that electrically isolates in-house, LAN-connected PCs from Internet-connected PCs to prevent possible virus infection and block hacker attacks. The device also blocks unauthorized Internet uploads and downloads by in-house users. The four-port SERVIS Secure KVM switch allows four users to share read-only access to one external LAN-connected PC. It can also be used to switch between software development and other users' machines, as well as in-house network machines.

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