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Cutting Edge Software Inc., FalconStor Software, Xybernaut Corp., ScanSoft Inc.

by / November 22, 2002
Quick Work
Cutting Edge Software Inc. announced Quickoffice 6.0, its Palm-based software suite that includes ZoomView technology, expansion card support and a new desktop interface. Geared toward those who need to work with Word and Excel files while away from their offices, the latest version is compatible with Palm OS 4.0. It enables users to store and access Quickword documents and Quicksheet spreadsheets from expansion memory cards, giving them fast, easy access to documents for viewing, editing, printing or e-mailing.

Quickoffice 6.0 retails for $39.95.

Falcon Network
FalconStor Software, IP Metrics Division, announced NIC Express Enterprise Edition, an end-to-end network availability solution for the enterprise. Features include enterprise roll-out tools, expanded support for industry-standard load-balancing schemes and a centralized enterprise management console. NIC Express Enterprise Edition allows network architects to build high-availability networks, and agents can pinpoint the nature and location of network faults.

NIC Express Enterprise Edition retails for $995 per server or workstation.

Wearable Computing
Xybernaut Corp.'s new Atigo wearable computers are designed for use as wireless flat panel displays or stand-alone Web-enabled tablet computers. The Atigo and Atigo L support dual-use functions and are configured with built-in IEEE 802.11b WLAN wireless networking support through standard PC card slots. The Atigo L measures 7.9 inches by 9.4 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds including battery. The Atigo offers more processing power; it measures 7.9inches by 9.6 inches and weighs approximately 2.3 pounds.

Prices start at $1,795 and vary according to configuration and accessory options. For more information, call 888/992-3777.

Scan This
ScanSoft Inc. announced OmniPage Pro 12 Office, an optical character recognition and PDF conversion application. OmniPage Pro 12 Office converts PDF files to editable word processing and spreadsheet documents, complete with layout, text, graphics and tables; converts volumes of paper documents and PDF files into editable and searchable documents from anywhere on a network; allows organizations to convert documents to workflow and content management systems; and provides a suite of proofing tools designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to confirm accurate document conversion.

For more information, call 800/443-7077.