Lightcast Networks recently announced new models of radar speed boards designed to slow speeders in construction zones, schools zones, church zones, neighborhoods, military bases, airport parking lots and even factories with special forklift safety considerations.

Lightcast's radar speed monitors may not eliminate speed bumps altogether, but they do provide a viable alternative, the company said in a news release. One speed monitor comes as a compact portable sign on a stand that fits in most car trunks and weighs only 35 pounds. It can be directly powered or run on a supplied rechargeable battery. The other, a pole mounted speed board, can be directly wired for power and has a solar panel option.

Edward Baker, chief executive officer of Lightcast's, explains that portability and low cost are key. "New market segments can now afford and install these speed control signs to slow violators and even monitor traffic patterns. The signs have patented flashing red LEDs displaying a speeder's speed and constant green LEDs while driving at or under the speed limit. It's very visible, and statistics show that 80% of speeders will slow down when they see a radar sign. These speed displays also have an onboard counter which generates statistics including average speed, highest speed, number of violators and even traffic counts."

"Traffic calming devices are nothing new, but when we saw current $15,000 radar trailers needing a truck to haul them around, we knew there had to be better ways," explained Mr. Baker. "Neighborhood associations around the country and even abroad are purchasing these signs to enhance safety." According to Mr. Baker, with prices in the $2,200 to $3,200 range the radar speed displays will be seen on many city, county and state roads and highways as well.

"We have buyers with some very unique speed and traffic applications," said Baker. "Like all our products, we have to listen to what new needs should be addressed from a customer. However, with emerging technologies many times consumers do not know why or what they need until they are educated on multiple facets of a product. Then their own application surfaces."