Chicago Public Schools to Use Game-Based Algebra Software in After-School Programs

Captivating video game learning supports core content while making Algebra fun.

by News Staff / February 29, 2008
To meet the growing demand for stimulating, yet curriculum-rich activities in its after-school programs, Chicago Public Schools will offer Tabula Digita's DimensionM for Pre-Algebra and Algebra educational video games in four of its after-school program locations. This marks the first step in the roll out of the immersive learning program, which will enhance students in learning and applying mathematics in math classes in classrooms across the district.

"Our millennium students are digital learners and as such their brains are wired differently," said Sharnell Jackson, Chief eLearning officer for Chicago Public Schools. "We felt compelled to identify exceptional teaching and learning tools for our after-school programs that offer a high-level of engagement, are rich in competition, and correlate to the core instruction being given in the classroom. We found all of that and more with the DimensionMTM multi-user virtual learning environment."

In the action-filled DimensionM video game series, students face numerous mathematical obstacles, develop team-based strategies, and navigate through a series of mazes to score the most points. The gaming format provides an immediate "need-to-know the math" environment with lessons based on learning standards developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Jackson added, "We were taken by the immersive, three-dimensional learning environments that DimensionM offers. Students are literally transported to a virtual world bursting with action - which they love. What the teachers embrace is the depth of Algebra-readiness instruction incorporated in the games and their correlation to the NCTM standards and our own content taught in regular-day classrooms."

Supplementing existing classroom textbooks and instructional models, the flexible and easily integrated DimensionM series also provides automatic progress tracking for each student. This allows classroom teachers to understand how their students are advancing and gaining mastery of specific concepts via their after school program activities.

"Educational video games are emerging as an important digital media learning educational tool that, when properly designed, offers stimulation and motivation to increase engagement and ultimately help students reach higher levels of achievement," said Ntiedo Etuk, CEO and co-founder of Tabula Digita. "The educators in Chicago have seen first-hand how our DimensionMTM gaming software will give their students a way to master difficult content by learning in a way that is most relevant to them."

Participating schools in the after-school enterprise include Eli Whitney Elementary, Logandale Elementary, Marsh Elementary, and Waters Elementary. Future plans call for the Chicago students to face off with students from New York City in a virtual multiplayer math tournament to be announced sometime this spring.

The full product series of DimensionM games are available for purchase in three versions: site license, district license, and an introductory "educator-version" bundled in packs of 15 individual user-licenses. The entire product series license is renewable on an annual basis and the software is available on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. For more information, please visit