Internet Telephony magazine has recognized the Fujitsu BroadOne WX300 macrocell base station with one of it's WiMAX Distinction Awards. The editorial team of Internet Telephony granted the 2008 WiMAX Distinction Awards to companies that demonstrated a commitment to innovation in the WiMAX market and exemplified outstanding accomplishments in serving their customers with the finest WiMAX solutions.

"Fujitsu has been recognized with a 2008 WiMAX Distinction Award for successfully bringing WiMAX to market and providing their customers with exceptional solutions to help grow their business," said Rich Tehrani, TMC President and Group Editor-in-Chief of Internet Telephony. "I am pleased to honor Fujitsu for their accomplishments in the advancement of WiMAX solutions."

The BroadOne WX300 mobile WiMAX base station is among the smallest, most power-efficient in the industry and ideal for operators looking for a quick in-service solution with easy installation and maintenance, the company said in a news release. Fujitsu designed the base station with many features to meet the global requirements for mobile WiMAX networks. By combining world-class energy efficiency with the world's smallest base station enclosure, Fujitsu has significantly reduced the costs associated with installing and operating base stations, thereby contributing to the global deployment of mobile WiMAX infrastructure.

"Fujitsu believes that WiMAX will be an enabling technology for ubiquitous broadband wireless services across the world," said Jim Orr, principal network architect at Fujitsu Network Communications. "With the BroadOne WX300 outdoor macro base station, Fujitsu has set a new standard in developing a cutting-edge mobile WiMAX base station that provides fully-certified mobile WiMAX macrocell functionality in a picocell package."

The BroadOne WX300 outdoor macro base station's high-output amplifier uses a gallium-nitride (GaN) High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) device that was developed based on ultra-high-speed transistor technology invented by Fujitsu. This device is coupled with Fujitsu digital pre-distortion technology, which already has a proven track record in 3G systems, to create two high-output power transceivers packaged in a single unit. The adoption of advanced amplifier technology allows the base station to weigh approximately 40 pounds, allowing tower, pole or building-top installation by a single person.