Mass Shooting Preparedness Subject of Two New Videos

Mass shooting preparedness for university students and office workers topics for discussion led by videos.

by / October 24, 2008

Responding to mass shootings takes planning and preparation. To just that end, the Colorado State University Emergency Management Team is offering two videos that invite discussion of how to respond to an active shooter on campus or in offices. Both mass shooting preparedness videos are available for viewing at the Department of Public Safety Web site. Anyone with a university-issued EID may view the video.

The videos, "Shots Fired On Campus: When Lightning Strikes (Student Edition)" and "Shots Fired: When Lightning Strikes," were developed by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety to offer guidance for surviving a school or office shooting.

The videos will also be shown upon request to groups on campus with Colorado State University Police Department and University Counseling Center staff available at the meeting to discuss the video. Discussion will center on sharing an understanding with viewers that each situation is unique and that the video offers options for consideration during an emergency but does not dictate or recommend one response over the other.

Several group viewings have been arranged for students in residence halls and for student advocacy offices including Housing and Dining Services residence life staff, Division of Student Affairs, Emergency Management Team, facilities staff and the Office of Conflict Resolution. Pending group viewings include Student Leadership and Civic Engagement students and staff; student advocacy offices; and resident assistants in Corbett, Parmelee, Durward and Westfall halls.

In addition, CSUPD held a community training session for law enforcement and campus officials which also featured the video.

To request a group viewing of the video with CSU Police Department and University Counseling Center support, contact Christie Hanawalt with the CSUPD at (970) 491-1159 or