Minnesota's Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) has contracted with Aperture, an Emerson Network Power brand, to manage 30,000 square feet of data center space, power and cooling and to help plan and implement energy-saving initiatives within the state's primary shared data center.

The OET provides information services to Minnesota government, including developing enterprise information strategies, policies and standards. The OET also oversees IT investments and creates a secure and efficient information management environment. As part of its efforts to become more energy efficient, the OET will use Aperture VISTA Data Center Service Management (DCSM) to ensure that data center equipment is properly commissioned and decommissioned, and to plan, model and implement energy-saving initiatives in the data center.

The OET will use the software to baseline its current power consumption, in order to measure the effectiveness of future energy-saving initiatives. VISTA will facilitate Minnesota's ability to manage capacity in as energy efficient a way as possible without compromising the business demands placed on the data center.

"More organizations are becoming aware of the impact their data center is having on the environment and many, like the state of Minnesota, are actively working to reduce their energy usage," said Steve Yellen, vice president of Aperture's Product and Market Strategy. "Aperture's products are intrinsically designed to help with green initiatives because they help to improve resource efficiency incrementally over time. We are confident that Aperture can help Minnesota reach its goals."