New Dawn Technologies JustWare Solution Suite Version 4.6

Software links barcodes to case files and names for easy retrieval

by / July 1, 2005
New Dawn Technologies has released JustWare Solution Suite version 4.6.

"JustWare's latest version combines new features and new partnerships into a flexible suite of products," said Max Barfuss, Director of Product Engineering at New Dawn Technologies. "Version 4.6 further augments the JustWare Solution Suite with easier deployment and maintenance options, enhanced searching capabilities, and a brand-new look."

New partnerships provide Web-based deployment options, which strike a balance between faster deployment and feature-rich software. Agencies can easily install and maintain the JustWare Solution Suite for any number of users over multiple locations from their main offices. At the same time, users retain the robust features they expect, including hot-key navigation and keyboard-only data entry.

New to JustWare Solution Suite 4.6 is integrated barcode functionality, which allows agencies to print barcodes on labels. The labels can then be affixed to case folders, evidence, docket calendars, or any other item or document. The barcodes are linked directly to a specific name or case record. When read, JustWare will automatically open the name or case record that the barcode represents. Barcodes can also be printed on documents and correspondence in a header or footer. Any loose documents can be easily returned to the correct name or case record for reference or storage. Searches are faster and more accurate with this feature.

Additional features include a name-based electronic filing cabinet, city/zip code database, and multiple payment schedules. The name-based filing cabinet allows agencies to store vital documents directly with a name record, making it easy to archive electronic files not associated with a specific case, such as a mugshot. The city/zip code database accelerates data entry by automatically entering corresponding address information when a specific city or zip code is entered.

The latest release also sports a visual face-lift with an all new icon set. The new icons are based on the Windows XP look-and-feel and will be used in the upcoming version of JustWare currently codenamed "Uinta."