New Products From General Dynamics, TriSpecs, ThermaPak, Brijot

A roundup of new products: high-tech sunglasses, a laptop cooler, and an alternative to whole-body scanners.

by / August 2, 2011

High-Tech Specs

TriSpecs blends fashion and form beautifully with its high-tech sunglasses. The wireless fashion accessory not only protects eyes from the sun, but also is Bluetooth-enabled with noise-cancelation technology and has volume controls and ear buds for music players. $199.99-$224.99


Laptop users typically spend three hours a day on their hot, high-powered machines, making them prime candidates for heat-related skin discoloration called Toasted Skin Syndrome. Now there’s protection. ThermaPak’s laptop cooling pads contain eco-friendly cooling crystals that absorb heat and prolong battery life.

Rugged Performer

The 13.3-inch GD8200 has an LED-backlit touchscreen and weighs 7.8 pounds. It contains a second-generation 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, and the LCD screen is designed to be viewable in direct sunlight.

Forget Frisking

Air travel in a post-9/11 world usually means long waits and longer security lines — and more recently, it also includes the somewhat creepy prospect of passing through whole-body scanning machines that see beneath your clothing. Now the same company that created controversial whole-body scanners for a federal courthouse in Florida is promoting an alternative. AllClear, a Star Trek-style wand, detects metallic and non-metallic objects without capturing images and without body contact, according to Brijot, a Florida-based imaging systems manufacturer. “While I can’t disagree with the idea of using security screening to make our airways safer, I knew that there had to be a better way than taking naked pictures of people or patting them down like common criminals,” said Brijot CEO Mitchel Laskey. “That’s why we developed the AllClear.” The battery-powered device uses passive millimeter wave technology that’s radiation free and provides a high level of detection, the company says.

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Karen Stewartson Managing Editor