Contact Screen   The Dell 27 Touch Monitor offers two-handed control and recognizes 10 touch-points simultaneously. It includes clarity of 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution and clean, fluid motion from the fast 8ms response time. Users can naturally slide the monitor closer and tilt it up to 60 degrees to touch and type, or adapt to the requirements of their work space by choosing to wall mount the monitor or affix it to the Dell Single Monitor Arm for greater panel adjustability. MHL connectivity lets users easily display content from smartphones and tablets directly onscreen. Photo courtesy of Dell Inc.

Tablet Protector    Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is made from water-repellent materials and features a built-in keyboard for fast, fluid and comfortable typing. It has a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard, and its SecureLock system keeps the corners of the Galaxy Tab firmly fastened to the frame with lightweight, low-profile clips, while powerful magnets keep the case securely closed when the tablet is not in use. This system works in tandem with the dual-view stand, which holds the tablet in two ideal positions: upright with the keyboard exposed for a perfect typing angle, and lying flat with the keyboard hidden for easy browsing.

Goodbye Passwords  

The Nymi wristband from Bionym promises to unlock devices using the wearer’s heartbeat. Once placed on the wrist, sensors in the wristband take the person’s electrocardiogram. Connecting the wristband to devices lets users customize program notifications for email, text and social updates. The Nymi also has motion sensing and proximity detection that allows users to perform remote, gesture-specific commands, such as unlocking a car door and more. Nymi uses Bluetooth low energy to transmit data while maximizing battery life. The device isn’t for sale yet, but the company is taking preorders.