U.S. Customs and Border Protection unveiled three Radiation Portal Monitors at the Port of Palm Beach, located in Riviera Beach, Florida. The RPMs are one CBP's newest tools in securing our nation's border by detecting radiological emissions coming from containers arriving from foreign and exiting ports to enter into the commerce of the United States.

RPMs are being deployed throughout Florida and the United States with a goal of examining 100 percent of all sea-going cargo containers entering the country by the end of 2008.   

Today's unveiling completes the installation of 26 RPM units located in various major seaports throughout Florida, with an additional 10 scheduled for completion by late October 2007. 

"These Radiation Portal Monitors are a great addition to our layered approach to securing the nation's border while facilitating legitimate trade," said Harold Woodward, CBP's director of field operations in South Florida.


 Photo:  Harold Woodward, CBP's field operations in South Florida, discusses the role of radiation monitors in port security.Photo Credit: Zack Mann