The Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears headset by NeuroSky puts some fun in your workday… if your job allows that sort of thing.

The headband features two cat ears that move based on what you’re thinking. Pop in four AAA batteries and press a button to activate three sensors -- one above your eyes and two that clip onto your ear lobe -- that send information about your brain’s electrical activity to motors beneath the ears. The motors move the ears around based on your mind’s energy.

The ears droop, perk up and move around in various directions constantly, so they’ll most likely grab co-workers’ attention. But beyond that, the headset has no practical application for work productivity, making it strictly a recreational piece of technology.

Try the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears on for a bit at work if your office culture supports such things, but be wary if your boss tends to frown on this kind of activity -- or if you don’t like attracting too much attention on the job.

Hilton Collins, Staff Writer
Hilton Collins  |  GT Staff Writer

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