Cassatt Active Power Management Aligns with Expert Recommendations

"The EPA [U.S. Environmental Protection Agency] is currently working alongside various industry groups to develop Energy Star products and rating systems for energy-efficient data centers," said Andrew Fanara, U.S. EPA Energy Star product development team lead. "We have for some time recognized the energy-saving opportunity to actively power-manage idle servers in the data center, and are encouraged that private sector vendors like Cassatt are taking their own energy efficiency initiatives in this space."

"If current trends continue, U.S. data center power consumption will nearly double from 2005 levels by 2011," said Jonathan Koomey, consulting professor at Stanford University and a key contributor to the EPA's 2007 Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency. "Server power management technologies can be effective in improving energy efficiency in data centers and alleviating the power and cooling constraints faced by many of these facilities."

Use Only What You Need to Maintain Application Service Levels

The new demand-based policies in Cassatt Active Response have broader benefits as well.

Cassatt Active Response, Premium Edition, and Cassatt Active Response, Data Center Edition, let data center managers use policies to manage multiple components of their IT infrastructure to deliver required application service levels. Cassatt Active Response pools physical and virtual resources and allocates them as required, based upon policies you set. With the demand-based policies, Cassatt Active Response can monitor and automatically provision or decommission the physical and virtual server, software, and network resources as appropriate to meet the application demand.

This means that with Cassatt Active Response 5.1, customers can break down the static silos of hardware and software that sit mostly idle in data centers today, over-provisioned in anticipation of the largest possible spikes in demand. With demand-based policies, customers can pool their hardware and software resources across applications, and use only the amount of computing capacity needed at any one time.

For example, scale-out "server farms" supporting a Web application need only utilize a few servers - physical or virtual - during slow times, but then have many more resources actively supporting that application during periods of peak demand. Because Cassatt Active Response is monitoring demand and reacting accordingly, these peaks and valleys are handled with the exact amount of computing resources required, maintaining application availability, reliability, and responsiveness.

Integration with Third Party Tools

With Cassatt Active Response 5.1, Cassatt also extends the way its product line can work cooperatively with other existing tools in the data center. Cassatt has added a new outbound communications interface with capabilities to dynamically interact with other IT operational process systems, such as application delivery controllers like F5's BIG-IP solutions, systems and network management tools like HP OpenView, trouble ticket managers, and other data center infrastructure systems throughout the enterprise.

This new integration capability allows Cassatt to update a customer's existing systems management, configuration management database (CMDB), or compliance systems in real-time about actions taken by Cassatt Active Response. This allows Cassatt's capabilities to synchronize with existing processes, helps operations run more smoothly, and preserves and extends existing management system investments.

"F5 is the global leader in Application Delivery Networking," said Ron Carovano, Jr., business development manager at F5. "Because each application interacts with the network in a unique way, particular network configurations may affect performance, availability, and power usage. By integrating F5 solutions with Cassatt Active Response, our mutual customers can maximize application performance while minimizing energy consumption and cost."

Hardware and Software Independent

Cassatt Active Response is hardware and software independent, is designed to require no change to existing hardware or software configurations, and is compatible with a customer's existing power distribution equipment.

With Cassatt Active Response 5.1, Cassatt has expanded its compatibility with