This Phone Will Automatically Self-Destruct ...

The Boeing Black may be the ultimate secure smartphone, but its release date and price are still secret.

by / February 27, 2014

Henry Ford said you could buy one of his cars in any color as long as it was black. These days, black has its own panache. It's mysterious and special, as evidenced by a new highly encrypted very secret mobile phone.

The Android-based "Boeing Black" smartphone, unveiled this week, is meant for defense and security applications. And if someone other than its rightful owner tries to force it to talk, it kills itself. Well, actually, the phone is designed to delete all data and render itself inoperable if anyone attempts to open it's case.

According to reports, the Black can access numerous ground-based and satellite networks, has two SIM cards, and all kinds of security features like data encryption and secure boot capablity. But before you run out to buy one, the Boeing Black's release date and price are still secret.