Diane von Furstenberg walks down the runway with Google's Sergey Brin at a Spring 2013 fashion show. YouTube

Fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg is the first designer to partner with VSP Global as part of its production of Google Glass eyewear, the Rancho Cordova-based company announced this week.

Furstenberg’s company, DVF, is creating a series of stylish Google Glass frames that will be produced in Italy in partnership with Marchon Eyewear Inc., a VSP subsidiary that manufactures and distributes designer eyewear.

VSP, through its labs in Sacramento, Calif., and other locations, will produce prescription lenses for the DVF designs. VSP also is producing lenses for the basic “Explorer” series of Google Glass eyewear.

Known as “smart eyewear,” Google Glass is akin to a wearable computer. While wearing the glasses, users can access the Internet, take photos and make calls, using a voice command or a simple swipe of a touchpad mounted on the eyeglass frame. A tiny computer screen is built into the eyeframes.

Although available only in limited editions, Google eyewear will become “more prevalent, especially as designer collaborations like with Diane von Furstenberg…make the technology more appealing to consumers,” said VSP Global CEO Rob Lynch, in a statement. “We are excited to be first to market with fashionable smart eyewear.”

Google began selling a limited number of its “Explorer” series of Google Glass eyewear online for $1,500 a pair on its website: www.google.com/Glass. The Furstenberg Google Glass eyewear will be available starting June 23.

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