becomes as much of a training tool as it can be."

PoliceOne's umbrella company, Praetorian Group, oversees a number of sites that deliver online content to other emergency workers. Since launching PoliceOne and BLUtube, Dippell said Praetorian has rolled out similar sites, including Fire Rescue 1 and EMS 1, believing there's an audience in each of those fields that would welcome an online community and a chance to share training tips.

Future projects at PoliceOne will likely be a result of the same process that brought about BLUtube: watch what Internet users respond to and adapt it to law enforcement needs. In partnership with Cisco Systems, PoliceOne recently launched an online clearinghouse for police grants,, with guides and articles to help with funding applications.

PoliceOne also is casting its net at a younger demographic with a new Facebook group. "There are probably a few younger officers in the academy now who might be interested in our newsletter," Dippell said. "There are some officers who may not be on Facebook, or even approve of Facebook, but it's just another way to get out there."

Jim McKay  |  Associate editor