Segway Speed Chase
Long Beach, N.Y., police made its first Segway-assisted arrest, apprehending three juvenile car thieves in early June after an officer pursued them on his two-wheeled, battery-powered Segway.

At a top speed of 12.5 mph, the Segway won't help in a car chase, but its height allowed Officer Jose Miguez to keep the vehicle in sight for two blocks until the teens ditched the moving car to escape moments before it cleared a curb and struck a utility pole.

After the car crashed, Miguez said, he caught the 13-year-old driver, who identified his two companions. Long Beach police got two Segways in early May to patrol the city's 2.2-mile-long boardwalk during the summer beach season. - Newsday


Tag, You're It
A startup called Dutch Umbrella is selling advertising spots on umbrellas to shopkeepers and restaurateurs in Fairmount, Pa.

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