Google Glass is making headlines in the public sector again.

We've seen how a journalism program at California State University, Chico, was experimenting with using the tech in classrooms; and Natchez, Miss., is flirting with the idea of using Google Glass for tourism; and officials have demonstrated how Glass could be implemented as an information-sharing device during a mock school shooting.

Now a North Carolina firefighter is sharing yet another way the technology may be advantageous to first responders in an emergency.

In a recent video, firefighter Patrick Jackson provides an example of how Google Glass could aid firefighters like him by entering a burning structure while viewing a pre-loaded map to help him navigate. And, thanks to Google Glass, both of his hands were free.

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Jackson is already planning how Google Glass could further benefit fire safety staff.

"I'll hear a little notification and can look up into the top corner of my vision and see a map of where it is," Jackson explained in an interview with CNN. "I see the location of the incident and what type of call it is."

Jackson proceeds to exhibit the device’s usefulness by using it to display an extraction map for a wrecked Ford Explorer SUV.

The device is set to be available for retailers sometime this year.