DTV Delay Fails to Pass House

The bill faced opposition over how the extension would be paid for.

by / January 28, 2009

In a vote earlier today, the House failed to pass the DTV Delay Act. The bill, which required two-thirds of the vote, received 258 votes in favor and 168 opposed. It would have postponed the switch from analog over-the-air broadcasts of television content to all-digital broadcasts until June 12th. The Senate approved the bill on Monday.

According to the Washington Post, the bill faced opposition in the House over how the extension would be paid for.

That leaves government agencies at all levels about three weeks to continue their efforts to get the word out, prepare for the expected deluge of citizens seeking information about what they have to do to be prepared or why their television does work and minimize the number of those who will be without television service after the analog broadcasts cease on February 18th.