Public Safety IT Officials Recognized for Excellence

The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials announced seven winners, including Radio Frequency Technologist of the Year and Information Technologist of the Year.

by / August 20, 2012

Seven public safety officials were announced as award winners by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) on Sunday, Aug. 19. The winners, which will be recognized at the 78th Annual APCO International Conference & Expo in Minneapolis, represent seven categories in public safety. Taking the award for “Radio Frequency Technologist of the Year” is Craig Haddock and taking the award for “Information Technologist of the Year” is Corey Nelson.

Haddock is a supervisor at the Tower Site Unit of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Responsible for the 119 DPS tower sites across Texas, he oversees installation and removal of radio site ground antenna systems, security systems, emergency power generators, fuel systems, and site alarm status reporting equipment.

“He is the driving force, the hub that keeps the wheel, his team, moving,” a colleague wrote of Haddock. “When praised for his work accomplishments Craig is quick to acknowledge all the others who helped the project succeed, always directing the attention back to the team. Working with multiple types of radio systems requires that Craig be well versed in all types of technologies. Craig has developed great working relationships throughout the entire 262,400 square miles of Texas. He uses skill, patience, collaboration and common sense when working with others to get the job done.”

Nelson is the IT manager for Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon. As a one-man department, he serves 28 public safety agencies and also oversees the MSAG/Geofile department. Nelson wrote reporting programs to assist users in accessing information they need, and according to the APCO website, he is quick to offer assistance to the users of 200 mobile devices accessing the public safety system.

“I always appreciate Corey’s attitude toward those of us who will never know as much about computers and computer systems as he does,” a colleague wrote of Nelson. “He never talks down to you when you ask a question or have a problem. He is always more than willing to help and has an easiness about him that is reassuring. Professional in every way.”

A full list of the winners can be found on the APCO website.