San Mateo County Public Safety Communications Upgrades to VoIP Technology

Provide VoIP-based E911 services to 23 public safety agencies dispatched by SMCPSC.

by / February 20, 2008
San Mateo County, California Public Safety Communications (SMCPSC) has upgraded their center to full digital services with.Positron Public Safety Systems Inc. (PPSS), a baseline system that is Next Generation 9-1-1 ready. As per the award, Positron will deploy and service VIPER and its Power suite of products, providing VoIP-based E911 services to 23 public safety agencies dispatched by SMCPSC.

SMCPSC was impressed with Positron's proven reliability in supporting their E9-1-1 system, having used multiple Positron products for more than a decade. While applying a rigorous competitive procurement process to determine the best solution, SMCPSC considered numerous factors such as Positron's reputation, ability to meet wireless Phase II requirements, ease of training and from a user's perspective, seamless migration from an analog to a digital platform.

"The Positron products have served the County of San Mateo well over the last 8 years and we are very pleased with our choice to bring this new product line into our Dispatch Center, bringing us up to state-of-the-Art functionality," stated Jaime Young, Director of the Office of Public Safety Communications.

"Leveraging on a 10+ year relationship with SMCPSC, we are honored to bring to our customer, the best VoIP technology available in the industry," said Darrin J. Reilly, President of Positron Public Safety Systems. "This award as well as numerous other recent wins is a testament of our unwavering commitment to provide large and small customers, indispensable communications for their Next Generation E9-1-1 needs. Our VIPER platform has gained remarkable momentum across numerous states and we are pleased to be the vendor of choice for SMCPSC, a long standing Public Safety agency within the State of California."

SMCPSC serves all branches of emergency first response including law enforcement, Fire and Paramedic services, in a consolidated operation. The center serves 23 agencies, fields over 270,000 calls per year and employs a staff of 58. The center employs state-of-the-Art technology and is committed to maintain a system availability rate of 99.9% per year. SMCPSC has received numerous performance awards, notably "Center of Excellence" from the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch.