Connecting face-to-face via video chat is now an option for citizens wanting to talk to the police in Redwood City, Calif. Using Netop’s Live Guide video and text chat, Redwood City is believed to be one of the first government agencies to offer such a service to the public.

“This new service is a wonderful benefit for the people of Redwood City,” Redwood City Mayor Alicia Aguirre said in a statement. “It’s an innovative and efficient way for our community to easily interact with our police department, and as one of the only agencies to use it this way it really puts Redwood City at the forefront of using technology to engage the community.”

Citizens can use Netop’s Live Guide application to get general information from the police, such as how to report a crime or abandoned vehicle or instructions on how to use the police website. The app is not to be used for emergency purposes as a replacement for 911.

The video is available during regular business hours through a button on the police department’s website