"Warning, You Are Approaching a Radar-Controlled Speed Camera"

Camera locations provide a warning when a motorist is approaching one of the camera-equipped intersections.

by / July 13, 2009

Radar detectors -- outlawed in many jurisdictions -- have been upgraded in a sort of "don't get caught" social networking strategy. Red light camera locations are among files that can be downloaded from POI Factory, a GPS user group, or companies such as PhantomAlert that specialize in avoiding radar- and camera-equipped intersections or other locations. There's even an iPhone application called Trapster.

Downloaded to an iPhone or GPS device, the camera locations data provide a warning when a motorist approaches one of the camera-equipped intersections. According to a recent Washington Examiner story, Washington, D.C., Police Chief Cathy Lanier said using such technology was a "cowardly tactic." The article said D.C.'s, 290 cameras provided nearly $1 billion in revenue during a recent three-year period.

Wayne Hanson Senior Executive Editor, Center For Digital Government