What percentage of IT administrators say they want to quit because the job is too stressful?

Answer: 79 percent

by News Staff / May 8, 2014

GFI Software’s third annual IT Admin Stress Survey identified an increase in professional stress since the time of a similar survey conducted last year. Of the 200 IT administrators surveyed from 10 companies, 35 percent reported missing time with their families because of work, and 33 percent reported losing sleep because of stress from work pressures. More than 25 percent reported experiencing a stress-related illness, and 17 percent reported feeling they were in an overall poor physical condition as a result of their work.

IT staff in the Western and Southwestern United States were the most stressed groups, with 80 percent in those groups calling work stressful, while the Northeast was the least stressed region, with 67 percent reporting a stressful job.

Survey respondents were also given an opportunity to provide written answers to what specifically was making them feel stressed at work. A few responses included:

  • "I asked a user to open Windows – they took it literally"
  • “Having to repair and replace damaged machines because users keep hitting them"
  • "A user jacked up his car and used his company laptop as a wheel support. It did not work"
  • "User complained there was a ghost in her PC when IT staff remote connected to it to resolve an issue"
  • And for the third year in a row, the most common complaint was some variation of this: “User complained they could not print/computer was not working, but failed to notice that the printer/computer in question wasn't even switched on.”