How much of the Internet’s traffic is real people?

Answer: 38.5 percent

by / February 7, 2014
Yong Hian Lim - Fotolia

A study by security and Web traffic firm Incapsula found that 61.5 percent of Internet traffic in 2013 was composed of non-human scripts and bots, a 10.5 percent increase over 2012.

About 31 percent of Internet traffic was search engine crawlers and other “good” bots. The percentage of hacking tools and spamming tools however, is on the decline. The report shows results from 1.5 billion bot visits across 20,000 websites in 249 countries.

“It’s a good representation of what’s going on out there. It ranges from tiny personal sites to large healthcare, financial, and retail sites,” Incapsula Co-founder Marc Gaffan told ABC News.