What did a doctor in the Netherlands recently implant in a woman's head?

Answer: a 3-D printed skull

by News Staff / April 2, 2014
A 22-year-old woman undergoes surgery to replace her thickened skull with a 3-D printed skull. YouTube

A 22-year-old woman suffering from Calvarial thickening (thickening of the skull) recently had the whole top of her skull replaced with a customized 3-D printed implant, Gizmag reported

"The thickening of the skull puts the brain under increasing pressure," Dr. Bon Verweij of University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht, said in a release. Verweij, whose team carried out the procedure, said that ultimately, she slowly lost her vision and started to suffer from motor coordination impairment. "It was only a matter of time before other essential brain functions would have been impaired and she would have died. So intensive surgery was inevitable, but until now there was no effective treatment for such patients."

The surgery, which was carried out three months ago and only just announced, was a success. According to Verweij, the patient fully regained her vision and has no more complaints.