A new type of eyewear developed by Japanese researchers automates what task?

Answer: displaying emotion

by News Staff / April 28, 2014

Called AgencyGlass, University of Tsukuba Assistant Professor Hirotaka Osawa says the purpose of the invention is for users to have greater control over their own emotional presence. A user wishing to appear more attentive could, for instance, set the glasses so he appears attentive, but actually is taking a nap. Other suggested applications Osawa offered include flight attendants who need to appear cheerful, or teachers who need to appear caring.

"As the service sector grows and becomes more sophisticated, it becomes increasingly important that we behave by showing understanding to others," he told Phys.org. "That requires us to behave differently from our true feelings."

He added that this type of behavior can lead to developing emotional illness, something this invention could help alleviate.