A company called Ostendo is working on what new smartphone technology, ready to beam to smartphones in 2015?

Answer: holograms

by News Staff / June 5, 2014
Ostendo's chief executive and founder, Hussein S. El-Ghoroury YouTube

The California-based company is building projectors the size of Tic Tacs powerful enough to control the color, brightness and angle of beams of light across 1 million pixels. One chip can deliver a usable image, according to Engadget, but combining six chips, as in the demonstration given to The Wall Street Journal, can generate a consistent moving 3-D image.

In summer of 2015, chips capable of projecting 2-D images up to 48 inches across will become available, and in following months, multiple-chip implementations will be released, allowing for 3-D images, according to the Ostendo's chief executive and founder, Hussein S. El-Ghoroury.