Xanadu, history’s most delayed software project, released this April, began development in what year?

Answer: 1960

by News Staff / June 9, 2014

The project’s developer, Ted Nelson, is the man who put the HT in HTML, coining the term hypertext.

Project Xanadu draws on that concept, providing an interface for documents that link to one another, without needing to update the links when the documents are updated. In fact, Xanadu, now dubbed “The Original Hypertext Project” was once seen as a competitor to what would become the World Wide Web.

A demonstration of the software, called Open Xanadu, can be used on Xanadu.com. Users are instructed to use the spacebar and arrow keys to navigate the documents and not to touch the mouse. Perhaps in another 54 years, Xanadu will have mouse support.