A Live View of Global Cyberattacks

A German website maps details of millions of cyberattacks around the globe.

by / March 11, 2013
Image courtesy of Sicherheitstacho.eu

Deutsche Telekom has developed a website where users can monitor cyberattacks. A map of the world is color-coded, designating the areas with the greatest activity levels. A real-time ticker offers the time and date of the attempted attack, the country of origin and the intended target.

As reported in TechNews Daily, Russia tops the list of attack-perpetrating countries, with 2.4 million attacks launched in Feb. 2013; No. 2 is Taiwan with 900,000; No. 3, Germany, has 780,000, and No. 4., Ukraine, amassed 566,000. The United States is in sixth place with 355,000 attacks.

The most common kind of attack tracked by the site is on the server message block (SMB) protocols of websites, with more than 27 million such attempts in the last month. Other widely discovered attacks are waged against operating systems and communication ports.

The data that populates the cyberattack map comes from "honeypots," described as digital tripwires installed on attackers' systems in order to monitor and identify hackers. Since only certain systems are monitored, the map does not provide a representative picture of cyberattacks occurring around the globe. 

WhileTechNewsDaily's  Marshall Honorof notes that to an everyday user, the usefulness of the information may be limited, he also says that being informed can help an organization protect itself.

"Knowing where cyberattacks come from and what systems they target are vital pieces of information for preventing such attacks," Honorof concludes.

Image courtesy of Sicherheitstacho.eu