JUNEAU, Alaska -- Dept. of Administration Commissioner Mike Miller said last week that the state has completed work on its myAlaska.gov online authentication service. The new system now allows citizens to conduct business with the state in a secure manner, and is first being used for online applications for the state's permanent fund dividend (PFD).

"This is the state's first application of electronic signatures for citizens," Miller said. "myAlaska.gov allows Alaskans to sign up for their PFD without having to mail in any form. It is an example of a program that makes government more efficient, and more responsive."

Created by the Department's Information Technology Group (ITG), myAlaska.gov is designed to work with future online applications as well as today's PFD application.

"Citizens want assurances that their online transactions are secure; they want the process to be easy to use, and security and ease-of-use are the two main priorities with this project," said ITG Acting Director Stan Herrera. "This system will provide added security to information that residents submit to the state, and will protect and archive the online transactions that are conducted. By tying many future systems to this one sign-in portal, myAlaska.gov will make the state's web transactions easier to use."

"The myAlaska.gov login becomes the basic infrastructure that future applications can use, and agencies can concentrate their efforts on the unique parts of their applications," Miller said. "And because we have built this using high levels of security, it is truly a case where 'less is more'."

Herrera also said new levels of security can be built into the system for new online applications in the fields of health, law enforcement and business, among others.