Arizona Rolls Out Online Voter Registration

The Secretary of State's Office and the Motor Vehicles Division collaborated on the new electronic government service.

by / August 7, 2002
PHOENIX -- Arizona's Secretary of State and the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the state's Department of Transportation announced the launch of EZ Voter Registration, which now gives potential voters in the state the ability to register to vote online.

"Many eligible voters live and play on the Internet," said Secretary of State Betsey Bayless. "I am excited that we were able to make this possible, through a partnership with MVD and with help and cooperation from county recorders."

State officials said EZ Voter Registration is a simple, five-step process:

The potential voter goes to the ServiceArizona Web site to verify his or her eligibility to register to vote; after verification, the voter enters personal information -- name, driver license number and date of birth -- to authenticate himself or herself as the individual in MVD records; the voter completes the voter registration application; upon completion, the application is electronically submitted to the MVD.

An electronic digitized signature is used with the application from the MVD record, officials said.

With more than 2.2 million registered voters in the state, maintenance of voter registration records has been time consuming, with an overload of information changing hands, Bayless said. The new system makes the process more efficient for the Secretary of State's Office and the MVD by streamlining the information transfer between the two agencies.

"It is clear that the new exchange will be substantially more efficient as it helps to manage costs for the state and counties alike," Bayless said, adding that online registration will also help reduce future expenses arising from the expected increase in the state's population and rise in voter registration.