Nick Warner
Nick Warner, a lobbyist for local government groups, including the California State Sheriff's Association, presented an overview of new IT-related legislation yesterday at GTC West. Legislation of interest included:

  • AB 1559 statewide interoperable radio communication systems with a figure of $5 billion. While Warner believes it has support in the Legislature, the dollar figure is under review. It has a real possibility for creating resources for agencies, he said. He said Motorola is pushing the P25 standard for interoperability, and that provision is opposed by other tech vendors, who say the standard is proprietary.
  • SB 911 would allow counties to take wireless 911 calls directly instead of being routed through the CHP in San Francisco. The bill would reduce call transfers and save lives, said Warner.
  • AB 211 is sponsored by a tech consortium, said Warner, and states that technology equipment must be industry-standard open-architecture and not proprietary.
  • AB 1775 was introduced yesterday, and would exclude some sensitive public records from public records act requirements because of Homeland Security concerns.
  • AB 857 would reinstitute the fee on cars to buy Cal-ID fingerprint systems.
Wayne Hanson  |  Editor