Collier County, Fla., Public School District to Deploy Visitor Verification System

System helps officials know who is visiting the schools and maintain a safe environment.

by / August 23, 2005
The Collier County Public School District has selected GVI Security to provide the the school district with an "enterprise-wide visitor ID verification and access management system to control access of visitors, vendors, and volunteers to its school facilities," GVI Security said in a news release.

The system uses card readers to provide authentication and access control to help keep the school safe and maintain a controlled environment. When a visitor requests entry, he or she places a driver's license on the card reader, and the reader validates the license.

During the validation phase, Nazzareno Paciotti, Chief Executive Officer of GVI Security Solutions explained, the reader can determine several things to make sure the person requesting access to the school is who they say they are. First, the reader will compare the data on the card to the Florida driver's license standards to ensure the identification was in fact issued by the state of Florida. Secondly, the reader takes the personal identifying information from the card and compares it to a series of databases to see if the person requesting access should be granted that access. Here it can check criminal lists or sex offender databases to see if the applicant has a criminal background or is a known sex offender. It can also check deny lists containing names of those people who should be denied access to the building.

After the authenticity of the applicant's ID is validated and his personal information is checked against the appropriate databases, a camera attached to the card reader takes the applicant's photo and generates an ID card with a time stamp that can be used to control how long the person is granted access to the school. After the allotted time, the system will alert the school that the contractors or visitors are no longer authorized to be on the premises, Paciotti said.

"The Collier County Public School District is committed to providing our students with the safest possible educational environment. The visitor management system provided by GVI fits our requirements perfectly as it offers instantaneous documentation, automated visitor tracking and analysis, and maximum security. We are looking forward to the swift installation at all 50 access points [across the school system]," said Russell T. Clukey, Executive Director, Support Services of Collier County Public School District.