Company Aims To Duplicate the Human Brain

Start-up hopes to use knowledge of how the human brain functions to improve video technology.

by / October 15, 2002
PALO ALTO, CALIF - A Silicon Valley company hopes to duplicate the way the human brain judges distance and design a chip similarly, in an effort to improve computer vision.

The human brain judges how far away objects are by comparing the slightly different view each eye sees. Tyzx is hoping to build this stereovision process into video cameras. The start-up has encoded a processing scheme into a custom chip called DeepSea, allowing the processor to determine the color of each tiny patch of image and also how far away that patch is from the camera.

The technology could improve surveillance systems by strengthening the ability to track people in banks, stores or airports. It could have other uses, also, including helping focus a computer's attention and cutting down on the amount of data that needs to be crunched.