Computer Evidence Specialist Calls for Ban on Evidence Eliminator Software

A police-contracting computer evidence specialist says evidence eliminator strips law-enforcement officers of their power and should be banned.

by / October 15, 2002
Evidence eliminator software is a Windows program that eliminates hidden evidence from your PC, including secret hidden records of your Internet surfing, with one click of the mouse.

Evidence eliminator software is well established and already popular but the critical point here is that an official police forensic analysis contractor has admitted to the public that evidence eliminator is an effective defense against law enforcement procedures.

The software has been distributed freely on a high-circulation UK magazine cover CD-Rom. Vogon International, which is calling for the ban, states this latest mass-distribution has "struck a blow" for law enforcement officers. The complaint says that the magazine includes a five-page article titled "Cover your tracks."

Evidence eliminator software makers say the distribution of the software is vastly larger than the magazine circulation and that the demand is incredible. "The public has a right to know that evidence eliminator is superior to law-enforcement software, and we are thrilled and delighted that a police-working forensic investigator has acknowledged this," said Andy Churchill of Robin Hood software. "We are dedicated to protecting the public's hard drive privacy and this is the best endorsement we could have had."