For government IT professionals, few issues hit closer to home than IT security.

Public agencies and government programs deal in some of society's most sensitive information -- military and police data, court records, and health and property information, to name a few. A glance at recent news headlines shows the fallout that hits public officials, IT professionals and citizens when this data is left unprotected.

Given the stakes, it's not surprising that CIOs rank IT security among their top priorities. Members of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) put information security at the top of their to-do lists for 2007 and at No. 2 for 2008.

The response was similar from nearly 500 state and local Government Technology subscribers who responded to a reader poll in late 2007. Respondents ranked information security as their top priority this year, placing it above other hot-button issues such as homeland security, work force retention and IT consolidation.

Clearly security has your attention. But is attention translating into action? That's a question we attempted to answer in January with the Government Technology IT security survey. The results present somewhat of a mixed bag.

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