The Indiana Supreme Court Division of State Court Administration today released a Public Notice of Contracting Opportunity (PNCO) seeking proposals which would provide Indiana courts and clerks with a 21st Century Case Management System (CMS).

"This undertaking is unprecedented in its breadth and complexity and encompasses all three branches of government," said Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard. "When completed, the CMS will fulfill the court's vision of an efficient, cost-effective and accessible statewide justice information system."

The Indiana Supreme Court's Judicial Technology and Automation Committee (JTAC), the Case Management System Executive Committee and the JTAC Statewide Governing Board jointly recommended the new procurement.

This PNCO is a continuation of an automation effort first started in 2002, when the Division contracted with a vendor for a statewide CMS. That contractual relationship was terminated on mutually agreeable terms with a significant refund of monies to JTAC. As part of that previous work, an extensive list of functional requirements for an Indiana CMS were defined. Special teams including technical experts, judges, clerks and key stakeholders have reviewed relevant portions of the functional requirements which have been incorporated in the present PNCO.

"The work we have done so far provided our JTAC team with invaluable tools for building interbranch working relationships and achieving our vision of a connected, statewide CMS," said Lilia G. Judson, executive director of the Division of State Court Administration. "In addition, Indiana can now benefit from significant advancements in CMS technology that have occurred in the past few years. In fact, many other states are now moving in the same direction that Indiana pioneered in 2002 -- implementing a statewide, connected CMS."

Responses to the PNCO are due March 15, 2006. Finalists will then be asked to conduct on-site demonstrations that will last approximately five days.

Neither the Division nor JTAC is obligated to award a contract in response to the PNCO.