Lower cost, high capacity drives plug and play

Lower cost, high capacity drives plug and play

by / April 14, 2004 0
The Fibre Attached Technology Adapted drives are designed specifically for enterprise-class environments and SAN deployments where bulk storage and lower price per gigabyte are more important than access time. The drives cost roughly 50 percent less per gigabyte than conventional Fibre Channel drives, extending the value of SANs and making them more accessible to a broader segment of the market.

In addition, the Fibre Channel interface allows these new drives to be plugged directly into existing HP StorageWorks EVA Fibre Channel drive enclosures. The standard EVA disk drive enclosure supports enterprise-class disk drives, new lower-cost Fibre Channel drives, or a mix of both for maximum flexibility and protection of customers' current investment in arrays and SAN infrastructure.

Fibre Attached Technology Adapted drives will offer capacity up to 250 gigabytes with a dual-port, 2 GBps Fibre Channel interface. The drives provide similar performance to low-cost ATA disk drives, but possess many of the reliability characteristics of Fibre Channel drives. The drives provide system resilience via dual ported data paths all the way to the drives, Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) capability, optimized sequential addressing features, Fibre Channel protocol native data integrity and error event handling capability.

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Blake Harris Contributing Editor