Ohio School District Selects E-Mail Archiving Solution to Ease Compliance with FRCP Updates

"There's no shortage of vendors who claim to handle GroupWise, but the difference is in the details."

by / June 27, 2008

The Canal Winchester Local School District in central Ohio selected the ArcMail Defender email archiving solution to cost-effectively ensure compliance with updates to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. These updates require U.S. organizations to retain electronic data so it can be produced in response to discovery requests resulting from litigation.

According to David Dewese, district technology coordinator, the district's increasing e-mail volume and the larger attachment files sizes created the need for a more efficient, centralized storage solution. The district also needed a solution that was both cost-effective and low maintenance-and it needed to fully integrate with the Novell GroupWise platform.

"There's no shortage of vendors who claim to handle GroupWise, but the difference is in the details," said Dewese. "One vendor's solution required users to set up a rule to send a copy of everything to their GroupWise product, which is self-defeating because it gives the user the option of turning the rule off. Another solution required us to purchase additional hardware. ArcMail's Defender appliance was the only one we saw with a fully integrated GroupWise solution. And besides everything else, it gives us great peace of mind."

Other key benefits of the ArcMail solution, Dewese noted, are the increased efficiency of centralized email archiving with administrative control, the ability to find and restore emails via a Web interface in minutes instead of hours and ample storage capacity to handle the district's increasing volume of e-mail.