Sheriffs Streamline Booking Process

Stanislaus County, Calif. to simplify procedures at juvenile detention facility

by / May 21, 2003
SAN DIEGO -- The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department has selected the ImageWare Systems to expand its existing Crime Capture System (CCS) for the department's juvenile detention facility. The juvenile facility will leverage the department's CCS to streamline its booking process by capturing, storing and retrieving digital mugshots and related booking information. As part of the implementation, the facility will also have the capacity to create and produce all employee identification cards.

"We have been using ImageWare's CCS program at our adult facility for approximately nine years and are managing more than 220,000 digital images with our current system," said Assistant Sheriff Richard Breshears of the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. "By implementing the booking and identification solution, our juvenile facility will now be able to take full advantage of the benefits currently seen in the adult facility including the ability to capture, retrieve and store an unlimited amount of images per record, ranging from mugshots to scars, marks or tattoos. This is in addition to the ability to create and produce all of the department's employee identification cards onsite in a timely, cost-efficient manner."