The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently renewed its subscription to Cyfin Reporter for the seventh consecutive year. Cyfin Reporter enables the DOJ to monitor up to 100,000 employees' Web usage simultaneously. The Department continues to use Cyfin Reporter because of its robust performance, accuracy and scalability and the many benefits it provides, i.e., improved productivity and decreases in bandwidth consumption, legal liability and security threats.

It's important for employers to ensure that their employees are using the Internet in a productive manner and are not accessing sites that hurt productivity or degrade network performance. Cyfin Reporter helps organizations do this by providing actionable and accurate employee Web-use reports. Its features include automatic abuse detection, interactive drill-down, and a report scheduler that runs and distributes reports automatically.

Dennis McCabe, Vice President of Business Development at Wavecrest Computing, states, "the great thing about Cyfin Reporter is that it not only allows organizations to monitor 'bad' sites, but it also allows them to monitor those sites that employees should be utilizing on a regular basis, e.g., the company's Web site or intranet." This is what makes Cyfin Reporter a truly effective tool for managing Web use.

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