Drexel University Class to Craft Peacemaking Strategies-Based Social Media Data Analysis

Computer science and engineering teams will try to keep the peace in violent hot spots around the world.

by / August 7, 2015
Engineering students in a new university program will tackle violent conflict resolution around the world. mikhail / Shutterstock.com

Peace engineering classes at Drexel University this fall will encourage students to come up with peacemaking ideas that use social media and data. 

The private university in Philadelphia is working with the PeaceTech Lab on the Young Engineers Program, which is designed to involve the next generation of engineers in conflict resolution, reports IT World. By analyzing social media posts with data tools, they'll see where the world's conflict hot spots are and figure out some ways to use their technology tools to help cool off the hot spots.

Most of the classes for this program will be online so that students across the country can participate. And together with employees at the PeacTech Lab they're tackling the monumental task of preventing dangerous conflicts.

This article originally appeared on the Center for Digital Education website.