During his opening remarks at the the Mobile Government 2013 forum in Sacramento, Calif., state Technology Agency Secretary Carlos Ramos launched the California GeoPortal -- the first ever gateway to California’s geospatial information.

The GeoPortal is a Web-based, interactive catalog of geographic information that provides government, businesses and citizens with direct access to the state’s geographic data, which they can search and use to make informed decisions about where to locate their businesses, where to live, and what schools in various areas are like.

During his remarks the morning of March 28, Ramos claimed the state's new GeoPortal is the first of its kind in the nation, and is compatible with key GIS platforms like Esri, MapInfo and Google.

This development increases the state government’s transparency and efficiency, according to a press release, and will provide significant savings for the management of the state’s geographic data.

For a preview of California’s GeoPortal, watch the video below.

Main image via California's GeoPortal