Though no official announcement has been made by the state of New York, a job posting on LinkedIn by Joanne Fryer, director of recruitment for Gov. Andrew. Cuomo, signifies that the Office of Information and Technology Services (ITS) is looking for a new lead executive.

On April 4, however, an administration official said that Brian Digman, who began as state CIO in January 2013, is still with the organization.

"He’s done an excellent job getting the IT transformation off the ground," the official said. "We expect him to remain in the administration."

As for why there's a posting for Digman's job? "It just has to speak for itself," the official said. "I don’t know."

Before being appointed CIO, Digman was named as New York’s public-sector CIO of the Year for 2012. Digman was credited with leading an accelerated effort that moved the Tax Department to electronic filing and e-payments. According to the announcement of Digman’s award, the project is saving New York $48 million annually, eliminating errors and improving the service experience for taxpayers. Digman was also identified as creating the department’s Case Identification and Selection System, a public-private partnership that enhanced the department’s ability to identify fraudulent returns.

This story was updated on April 4, 2014, at 7:50 p.m. Pacific Time to include information obtained from the state of New York.

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